Escuela de Arte y Superior de Diseño Corella | Estudios Superiores Diseño Gráfico

Grading system

In the Spanish System, marks are graded from 0 to 10.
Table of equivalences between EASDI de CORELLA Grading System and ECTS Grade:

9,0 – 10 (Matrícula de Honor) The most outstanding performance A+
9,0 – 10 (Sobresaliente) Excellent performance A
8,0 – 8,9 (Notable) Very good performance B
7,0 – 7,9 (Notable) Good performance C
6,0 – 6,9 (Aprobado) Satisfactory performance D
5,0 – 5,9 (Aprobado) Sufficient performance E
3,0 – 4,9 (Suspenso) Fail FX
0 – 2,9 (Suspenso) Fail F

The “Honor Registration” (Matrícula de Honor), may be obtained when the student has achieved a mark equal to or greater than 9, and the number of “Honor Registration” may not exceed five percent of the students enrolled in the course or subject in a single academic year, except when the number of students is less than 20, in which case no more than one “Honor Registration”  may be awarded.